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Here's how you to get your customized quote:
Step 1: Choose your mat's surface
Step 2: Choose your mat's thickness
  • Superior Anti-Skid
  • Minimal Anti-Fatigue
  • Fully Customizable
  • Most Popular Two Color Thickness
  • Superior Anti-Skid
  • Superior Anti-Fatigue
  • Fully Customizable
  • Most Popular Helm Station Thickness
  • Superior Anti-Skid
  • Maximum Anti-Fatigue
  • Fully Customizable
  • Most Popular Bolster Thickness
Step 3: Choose your mat's colors

Note: Mat colors do not impact price.

Step 4: Choose your custom options

Add custom touches to your custom Marine Mat Kit, such as fish rulers, custom logos, thicker helm station mats and more.

Call 561-271-0897 If you'd like to add other options that are not listed here

Step 5: Choose an installation option

Once we've measured and cut your custom Marine Mats, you can either have them professionally installed at your location by us, or you can install them yourself (DIY).

Step 6: Estimate your square footage

Measure your boat's floor area in sections and add up each area's approximate square footage. Once you have a total estimated square footage enter that number to the right and click 'Estimate'.

10 sq ft
10 sq ft
300 sq ft

Your Custom Marine Mat Estimate will appear below in the Total Estimate Window. Bear in mind that this is merely an estimate and complete templates will determine your boat's actual square footage.

Send Us Your Estimate!

E-mail us your estimate if you're interested in ordering this custom Marine Mat Kit

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