What We Do

Dek-Tec Marine is the industry leader in custom, non-slip, marine specific flooring for any kind of boat or watercraft. Our fully state-of-the-art digitizing equipment allows for complete customization of your marine mat flooring, helm pads, combing pads, and bolsters.

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Our Process

Unlike other services, Dek-Tec Marine saves you time and expense from the outset by coming to you. We go where your vessel is located to take a digital scan of its dimensions, then upload that information into our proprietary design software to create a digital blueprint of your craft.

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Why Dek-Tec?

Our specialized equipment makes the fabrication of your flooring a precise and professional looking job. Installation of your new marine mats is simple and seamless, and can be done by one of our technicians or by you, the customer.

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